Catholic Social Thought and Prostitution Project


women@thewell are delighted to be working in partnership with the Durham Centre for Catholic Studies and the UK Centre for Catholic Social Thought and Practice on this exciting and groundbreaking project.

Across the globe 33 million women and girls are affected by prostitution. Whilst there are significant bodies of work in relation to Catholic social thought in areas related to prostitution, for example; trafficking and modern slavery, dignity of work, and family life, there has been very little done to explore prostitution with women affected by prostitution specifically within the context of catholic social thought.

The research will work across a number of areas including; trauma theory, feminist thought and a range of theological perspectives. It will include research with women affected by prostitution and with the practitioners who support them.

The project will run from October 2018 through to the summer of 2019 and aims to produce robust, research based resources to support the development of Catholic social thought in relation to prostitution.