Brexit Blogs from ABC

Here are links to three more reflections worth your time on Brexit and its implications, all available from the religion and ethics page of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) website:


1 - The Fragility of Goodness: Brexit Viewed from the North East

by Anna Rowlands

"Perched on a stool at the end of the bar, just beneath an enormous screen showing Britain's Got Talent for those whose interests quite understandably lay elsewhere, I gave a talk on the way that Catholic social thought provides resources for thinking about the current migrant crisis. It was an evening when I was (unsurprisingly) cheered and heckled in equal measure: political theology as a fittingly extreme sport." Read more


2 - The Tragedy of Brexit Demands a Politics of Paradox

by Adrian Pabst

"An alliance of socialists and conservatives rejected the status quo of ever-greater globalisation and multiculturalism in favour of more self-government and the protection of settled ways of life...Thus the referendum result revealed a strong post-liberal thrust, albeit incoherent and inchoate. What is true is that such a paradoxical blending of conservative with socialist ideas could win a popular and parliamentary majority..." Read more


3 - After Brexit? The Referendum and Its Discontents

a contribution by Austen Ivereigh

"Offered a series of absurdly arbitrary choices - between economic benefit or sovereignty, rule from Brussels or self-rule, uncontrolled immigration and an Australian points system - over half of the country voted for change." Read more